Kujichagulia Academy

Kujichagulia - Self Determination:

To define yourself, name and create for yourself, instead of being defined, named or created by others.

“Education from a Multi-Cultural Perspective”

 Kujichagulia Academy, Inc. is a non-profit Educational Institution located in Chesapeake, Virginia. 
At Kujichagulia Academy we help students develop and grow personally, socially, emotionally, culturally,  intellectually and  physically.  It is not enough to  simply  educate the child, but we must also empower  and heal their families and  communities.  Once we have assisted the families and communities towards positive change we will have become a catalyst to creating stronger foundations for children and their families.”

 Mission Statement

The purpose of this program is to educate each child with the highest level of academics and moral values appropriate to their respective age levels.

We strive to provide quality education for all of our students, which will enable them to face life’s challenges with a solid foundation and strong educational background.

It is not enough to simply educate the child; we also provide resources that will empower their families and communities.  Once we have built these foundations towards positive change we will have become a catalyst for creating stronger children.


· Develop the leaders of tomorrow;

· Guide, motivate and inspire young children;

· Provide them with the tools and resources to succeed

· Create an environment conducive to success; and

· Inspire children to dream and believe in their abilities;

· Inspire children to become educators, writers, scientist, engineers, doctors, 

lawyers,  musicians, entrepreneurs, pilots, astronauts, etc., and benefit society as a whole.

Message from The Honorable Dr. William E. Ward

Former Mayor of Chesapeake, VA.

“Dr. Shawn Eure-Hill has made great strides and played a very positive role in the growth of  Kujichagulia Academy in  Chesapeake. 
Her  success in addressing the educational needs of children in our communities is widely  recognized, and the  growing student population is tribute to the acceptance of her teaching.      March 25, 2004


The Academy exposed my son and other children to Capoeira, Native American folk dance (artifacts/history), Hispanic/Latino History, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Health and Fitness, the Holocaust, African History and History in general.  They gave my son and all of the children a true love for self and a sincere respect and  appreciation for diversity.  My son is in the 11th grade and is    excelling academically, socially and athletically.  In an atmosphere where a lot of young black males fall victim to so many senseless acts;   I know that my son’s future is brighter because of his family and foundational education.  I attribute a lot of his success to the foundation he received at Kujichagulia Academy.      -
Olufeme and Emily Shangobunni


Kujchagulia presented a dynamic extension program (field trips and musical programs) for students and received very positive feedback from myself and the parents. Everything seemed to be presented in a style of learning which engaged the families and encouraged them to do more for their children.– Andre’Roots

Most of all I would like to say that Shawn Hill is a person I have the utmost respect for.  This individual has touched me and my daughter like no other educator or person has done before.  She encouraged  me for years to get my GED and told me to see past the excuses.  I am proud to say I accomplished that tasks and will be pursuing higher education.  She simply has a love and passion for making sure everyone around her knows that they are destined for greatness.   – Marilyn Baez


I am from France and my son is of Middle Eastern and French  decent.  He came to Kujichagulia Academy when he was 4 and stayed for two years.  My son barely spoke English and Dr. Eure and the staff of KA embraced my son and made him feel like he had been at the Academy for years.  They were able to get him to open-up and he picked up on English, math, science, history,   Spanish and Swahili just like all of the other children.                -Hakima Todd





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Kujichagulia Academy Volunteer Application Package

Dr. Shawn Eure-Hill, Director/Owner

112 Grant Street
Chesapeake, VA. 23320

757-348-3359 cell
757-962-6151 fax


Kujichagulia Academy, Inc. doesn’t discriminate on the basis of race, age, sexual orientation, marital or veteran status, creed, religious affiliation, national, global or ethnic origin.  The Academy affords the rights, privileges, programs and activities regardless of race, color, creed, religion, or national or ethnic origin.  We are a non-sectarian organization.           

                             Non-profit organization 501© (3)

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